Eyebrow Pencil FLOVERA

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Available colors:
01 Whisper Iris
1,1 g
397 rub.
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Natural formula of the FLOVERA Eyebrow Pencil texture allows you to create beautifully defined eyebrows of deep color intensity.  Applied by light touches, the Pencil gives high definition and full eyebrow shape, filling sparse hair areas. Due to specially elaborated non-volatile formula the Pencil lasts up to 12 hours after application, resistant to low temperatures (down to – 40 C). Its body is made of California cedar wood that emits special germ-killing agents. Cedar’s high durability is resistant to strong compression and stretching along fibers, which protects the Pencil’s texture from damaging. But, at the same time, the cedar wood is quite flexible and mild, so the pencil can be easily sharpened and doesn’t exfoliate into fibers.

Apply Under Make-up Base around eyebrow line, with a Pencil draw a contour along top and bottom eyebrow line, paint the eyebrows inside the contour lines by small strokes.  To maintain the natural look shade the pencil strokes, starting from eyebrow bend to the very end, to soften the bend line. Comb hair in one direction with dry brush. Apply FLOVERA Eyebrow Gel to fix the painted eyebrow form to keep the gained result.