Highlighter “Blinking Flower” FLOVERA COLOR THERAPY

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Available colors:
3.7 g
657 rub.
Please note that the shades of products in the catalog of our online store may differ slightly from the actual color due to the individual color characteristics of your device.
The smallest highlighter’s pigments create an incredibly clean delicate shine.
The active ingredients D-panthenol and aloe leaf juice gently moisturize and restore the skin.

Application: Apply highlighter on the following areas:
- upper cheekbones: visually refreshes and rejuvenates the face, gives it a healthy glow
- inner corner of the eye: to make the look “lively” expressive,
- area under the eyebrow: visually opens your eyes,
- area of the "back" of the nose: with the highlighter you can adjust the shape of the nose;
- cavity above the upper lip: to give the lips extra volume

Important! All lines drawn with a highlighter must be carefully shaded.