Compact Highlighter FLOVERA

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Gentle compact highlighter FLOVERA creates luxurious glow and the effect of elastic young skin. Fine shimmer visually smooths the skin, gives it a radiant appearance with a slightly moist effect. Highlighter models and corrects the facial relief, delicately highlighting certain areas on the face. Highlighter is used for natural daytime makeup, and is also an indispensable tool for creating evening and glamorous images, makeup for discos, celebrations and the podium. This product is not recommended for owners of problematic or very oily skin, as it can emphasize its disadvantages.

Apply both dry and wet to the following areas of the face:
- cheekbones: to hide the signs of fatigue, visually refresh and rejuvenate the face, give it a healthy glow, apply a highlighter on the upper parts of the cheekbones;
- eyes: to make the look “lively” and more expressive, apply a highlighter point on the inner corners of the eyes;
- eyebrow area: to visually open your eyes and raise your eyebrows, apply a highlighter over the eyebrow line and under it, moving from the center to the outer edge;
- forehead: to make the forehead higher, use a highlighter in the central part of the brow zone; for owners of a low forehead, it is recommended to apply a highlighter under the hairline;
- nose area: with the help of a highlighter, you can adjust the shape of the nose;
- lip area: to give the lips extra volume, highlight the center under the lower lip and the cavity above the upper lip.

Important! All lines drawn with a highlighter must be carefully shaded.