Eye Shadow applicator №2 FLOVERA

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The Eye Shadow applicator FLOVERA – irreplaceable beauty-aid to create a firm stable eye make-up. High quality microporous applicator material lets placing rich strokes, eye shadow is distributed as a compact homogeneous layer and well fixed on the eyelid. The applicator helps reaching an easy color change flow, as well as an ideal shade and pencil lines stumping. Use dry applicator for lighter make-up tones, and the damp one for reaching brighter colors. For this - dump the applicator's one side, pick up eyeshadow, then make a color accent on an eyelid, and stump it with the dry side. You can additionally use special shadow stumping brushes.

To prolong the applicator's validity time, take regular and proper care of it: wash it with warm water and soap, rinse and dry naturally and horizontally only. The brush length 9,5 mm, width 6,5 mm.