Creamy Texture Brush №14 FLOVERA

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27 g
977 rub.
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The Taklon Brush FLOVERA is designed to apply and stump creamy and liquid textures, such as tonifying means, concealers, creamy sculptors, creamy rouge. Comfortable «torch» form lets the Brush easily maneuver with its side surface, and the tip point is for more precise make-up application at different face areas. The Brush accurately picks up cosmetics in a needed quantity, which economizes the consumption. Taklon – is a synthetic pile(fur), though apparently it looks utmost close to natural hair. The brush is hypoallergenic, long keeps its shape, washable and very easy-to-use.

To prolong the Brush validity time, take regular and proper care of it: wash with worm water and soap or special shampoo, rinse and dry naturally only in horizontal position.
Brush length 37 mm, width 17 mm. Material: taklon.