Mild Shading Brush №9 FLOVERA

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8 g
597 rub.
Please note that the shades of products in the catalog of our online store may differ slightly from the actual color due to the individual color characteristics of your device.
The flat Shading Brush FLOVERA is designed to work with dry, powdery textures and ensures intensive color rendition. Its squirrel hair is very mild and allows to reach an ideally mild shading, with blurred color borders and minimal pigment loss. Apparently, there is no need for any extra instruments. Also, the brush is suitable for correcting lower eyelids and internal eye corners. With proper care, the squirrel hair brush can be very durable and highly wear resistant. It does not break off or deform.
To prolong validity time, take regular and proper care of it: wash it with warm water and soap or special shampoo, rinse and dry it naturally in horizontal position only.  

Brush length 12 mm, width 9,5 mm.
Material: squirrel hair.