Shading Brush №6 FLOVERA

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317 rub.
Please note that the shades of products in the catalog of our online store may differ slightly from the actual color due to the individual color characteristics of your device.
The flat Shading Brush FLOVERA perfectly copes with color rendering difficulties: the makeup is tight, the color is intensive and steady. It is designed to work with dry, powdery and pressed textures; application technique can be both dry and wet. Goat hair is quite tough, which allows to make aquacolor effect.
The brush is convenient to draw small strokes and then stump in the area of applied color spot. It is a rather rough shading, so color borders keep sharp. To prolong validity time, take regular and proper care of it: wash it with warm water and soap or special shampoo, rinse and dry it naturally in horizontal position only.  

Brush length 12 mm, width 7,5 mm.
Material: white goat hair.