Under make-up Detox-Serum «Mat and Protection» FLOVERA

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20 ml
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The active Detox-Serum is elaborated for oily, combined, and sensitive skin. No matter how strange it sounds, but oily skin most of all is dehydrated skin. So, before fighting sebaceous glands hyperfunction and enlarged pores, it is necessary to saturate the skin with moist. And the Detox-Serum perfectly copes with this function due to hyaluronic acid in the formula. А complex of citrus bioflavonoids, broccoli extract and aloe polyphenols ensures the complex skin protection against aggressive environmental effects. The components enable skin cells detoxication and regeneration. The Detox-Serum clears and tighten skin pores, removes black spots, reduces skin flaking. The Serum contains a special 7 medical plants complex with unique synergy and multivector actions – antiphlogistic, soothing and healing.

Apply the serum to your face and decollette zone, avoid eye contours, 5-10 minutes prior to make-up.