Lip Balm-care FLOVERA

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03 Caramel Rose
4,5 g
397 rub.
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The Lip Balm-care FLOVERA has pleasant texture and is very easy and comfortable in application. It is fast and well absorbed, leaving on your lips gentle scent and care & comfort sense. The natural oils nourish and soften lip skin, preventing it from dryness and enabling chapped lips recovery. Vitamins and natural active ingredients in the LipBalm formula protect lip skin from an aggressive environment effect. Your lips are gentle, smooth and well taken care of, at any season.

Apply the LipBalm as often as necessary. When your lips are irritated, chapping or peeling, moist them with the LipBalm several times a day, until your discomfort disappear. It is recommended to apply the LipBalm before going outside: in winter-autumn periods – to protect the lips skin from temperature fluctuations and moisture loss, spring-summer periods – to protect the lips skin from negative effects of insolation.