Long Lashes Effect Mascara FLOVERA

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12 ml
990 rub.
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Soft texture and comfortable brush of FLOVERA long lashes mascara make eyelashes long with a beautiful curve. The presence of bioactive components protects eyelid’s skin and eyelashes from environmental influences, slows down the aging process. Mannan / Pectin / Hydroxyethyl cellulose / Algin is a specially selected complex of natural multifunctional hydrocolloids that provides effective eyelash extension due to the properties of pectin, which forms an elastic film on the eyelashes. The complex has moisturizing properties, and also provides an excellent distribution of mascara on the eyelashes due to the affinity for proteins.

Apply mascara from the roots to the tips of the eyelashes with movements from the bottom up. After the first application, let the mascara dry for 1-2 minutes, after which you can apply the next layer.